Sagres, Portugal: A Hidden Gem near the touristic resorts

I love love love looove this place.. I can really explain why. It might be its waves, its sand, its sun, its endless coasts of South Portugal as well as the sense of relaxation and freedom that makes you feel.  Sagres is my favourite place in Portugal.. It is not as touristic and crowded as Lagos or Faros.

There not many attractions  to see at Sagres apart from the fantastic beaches. But believe me,  those kinds of beaches are more than enough. Especially if you are fond of photography, sailing or surfing.

It is a place to go to escape from the big cities and the crowded places, while you will catch up with nature.

Sagres is located in the extreme southwest of continental Europe, and marked by two geomorphological structures: the Cape St. Vincent  and Sagres Point, which establish a transition between the eastern coastal and meridional zones. Exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, it is influenced by Mediterranean currents, marked by promontories of high cliffs leading onto a platform that oscillates between 100–200 metres (330–660 ft) (in the north) and 50 metres (160 ft)). Whether by coastal erosion, or the hard rock, its composition influences the relief of the area.

At 157 meters high, Torre de Aspa is a viewpoint on the western side of Vila do Bispo, which offers a panoramic view of Sagres and São Vicente Cape.