Galaxidi: 6 Reasons to Visit it

1. It is a perfect get away from Athens:

It is approximately 2,5-3 hours driving distance from Athens.

2. Its proximity to other must-to-see of Greece:

Its proximity to other nice areas of continental Greece, such as Nafpaktos, Delfoi, Itea or Arahova. If you intend to go to other famous areas of Greece, Galaxidi can be  your basis or one of your stops.

3. Its beautiful and picturesque city. Let the photos talk..

3. Its history:

Not only during the ancient years but also during the most recent ones History has left its marks to this nice town.

4. Its natural beauty:

Right next to the small port of Galaxidi there is a small forest where you can relax and enjoy the view of the city, the sea view and nature. Of cource if you go further from the center there is more and more to see in terms of nature.

5. Its diverse natural surrounding:

Its diverse natural surrounding makes it ideal vacation destination for both winter and summer. Galaxidi has beautiful costs, gorgeous beaches and verdant forests. The following photo was taken 5 minutes away from Galaxidi city. Photo without any filter or photoshop. Yes, the nature there is really so impressive.

6. Its intersting tranditions, like flour war galaxidi.