Desert: 8 Activities to Enjoy

1. Ride a Camel

2. Enjoy the nature!!

Desert is perhaps the most beautiful place I have been in my life.. Once you are in the desert you feel so much isolated, but simultaneously connected with the rest of the world. (It is an amazing antifasis that i can’t explain enough with words!) Get connected with the nature, with your self, with humanity. There is no place with more harmony like desert.

3. Photography

There is a diverse geographical sites that lies at every desert: sand, camels, oasis and so much more to capture with your lens.

4. Motocross or Car cross

It is so much fan but be careful!

5. Sand-board!! (or any other sport) 

It is a recreational activity and takes place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains. It involves riding across or down a dune while standing with both feet strapped to a board. It is so much fan, but really exhausting!!!

6. Cook under the Sand 

Yes! it is a truth fact.. A traditional way to cook at the desert is within the sand.. That’s right! Due to the really hot weather the sand tends to absorb a considerable amount of hit which has been enabled human to cook. So, first of all you have to dig the sand so to create a hole. Then you put there the pot after you have warped it. Leave it for some time (the time depends on the type of food).. In the end you can enjoy an amazing food!

7. Socialize with locals, play music and dance..

Desert is not just nature, it is also people, history, culture!! Talk with the locals, learn from them.

8. Sleep under the stars

Sleep in an area that there no light around the area.. Guys, I am telling you.. There is no place to see the stars like the desert!! :*