Waterfall at Athens? Yes, it’s that a not a joke!

– Waterfall at Athens? Is that a joke!!
-No it is not!!

Do you stay in Athens for some years, months or weeks and you are a bit tired of the lack of natural beauty? It is a fact that despite its beauty, the capital of Greece lacks of a lake, a river or cataract falls.

Well, some km away for the city center, at the region of Attica there a beautiful small ravine. Once you will get there you will see a nice small waterfall that continues to a stream along the the mountain of Penteli.

What’s its name?

can find it with various names. Whether you call it Waterfall Penteli, as it is given on google maps or Rema of Valanari, as the locals are call it, you will refer to the same location!

Where is it?

Actually, it is on the mountain of Penteli between the Drafi and Pikermi regions. Put the point 38.036918,23.906288 at google maps for some further guidance. 

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