8 things to do at Waterfall Penteli

As it was referred at a previous article visiting Waterfall Penteli is quite unique experience you can have at Athens. Although the waterfall is not a big one, the area is offered for a vast of activities…

How much time will i need to spent there?

Honestly, you might need 15 minutes or a whole day. It depends on your interests. However, I suggest you to go there with the right equipment and the time to spent. After all the location is outside of Athens city center, you should go there for a day excursion.

What to do there?

Pick a sunny day, dress with comfortable outfit, take your swimwear with you, a camera and your selfie stick. You can do whichever one you like from the suggested experiences or combine them all.

  1. Crossing the way along canyon and the stream. It is a quiet safe area to try so as the river is quite small. 
  2. Hiking: You should definitely devote sometime to hike the mountain.
  3. Photography: Take your camera to depict the beauty of our mother nature..
  4. Get wet: Wear your swim case and go underneath the waterfall! For sure you will enjoy this! You might swim for a while with the frogs that are nearby.
  5. Sunbathing: Why not? After having a joyful shower under the falls, you can get dry while you will idly enjoy the sun..  
  6. Pick-nick: You can prolong your presence there by taking the appropriate equipment so you will enjoy your meal while discussing with your company.
  7. Don’t forget to take your garbage with you: Whatever you do don’t forget to take your garbage with you before you leave. Seriously! We visit these kind of places because we love nature. We have the right and the responsibility towards our mother nature.
  8. Enjoy the traditional Greek foodIf you are not the pick-nick type, then you can go later to enjoy the traditional Greek cuisine of  the restaurants in the areas nearby, like Pentely square or Marathonas.  Related Article: Waterfall at Athens? Is that joke?