Red Lake Masazir near Baku Part 1

The Lake Masazir is a naturally red-pink lake. It is called “pink”, but personally I think that it looks red.

Should I go there?

If you intended to visit Baku, the Lake Masazir is sincerely one of the must. It is really nice but not exquisite.. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you to visit Azerbaijan just and only for visiting that lake.

When should I go there?

For sure, on the summer time. The red color of the lake would better be really seen during the hottest of summer days. Bacteria manipulate salt to build shelters to hibernate, hence if you go during winter the little organisms which cause the display will be sleeping. Also, it depends on the time too. During the morning – noon time is more red, but during the evening time the color is more like purple.

Where is it?

The town Masazir is nearby the nameshake lake. It is satellite suburb of Baku in Azerbaijan. Central coordinates: 49o 45.00′ East  40o 20.00′ North.

Why is that Lake Red?

The color stems from the halophiles bacteria (salt lovers). They appear in any place where they farm salt. Pink salt lakes and playas, and the bright red evaporation ponds of salt recovery plants along their shores, are among nature’s most remarkable biological phenomena, and occurs in arid regions throughout the world. The red coloration is caused by astronomical numbers of microscopic, unicellular organisms living in the water and salt crust. A great deal of salt is taken by that lake for domestic use.


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