Nafplio: Ideal destination 365/year

Naplio is a must! Undoubtedly it is one of the gems of continental Greece. If you are in Athens during winter season you have to visit that city even for one day. Of course, Nafplio is even better during summer season, but common!! During summer season it is always preferable to go to the islands!!!


There are kind of tourists that visit Nauplio just for the day. However, if you have more time available it is worthy to spent it there. Many tourists choose Naplio as a base in order to be in a close proximity with the beaches and explore the rest of the area, like Epidaurus, Mikines and Ancient Olympia.

Back on the time, Nauplio was the first capital of the new greek government. Walking in the old city, you have the feeling of being in a different period of time.

Nauplio is a historic city so no matter how small it is, there are several types of activities to do there relating with culture, nature. The old city is build in front of the coast and the roots of hill. Therefore, there are pleanty.


1. Local Attractions

Firstly, the landmark of the city is a little castle in the middle or the harbor named Bourtzi, which was constructed by the Venetians in 1473.

The second landmark of the city is located on the top of the hill there is a big castle, called Palamidi, which also was built be Venetians in the 1687.

2.Outdoor Events

During summer time there are some outdoor events taking place inside the castle.

3. Beaches

The coast that lies in front of the town is a marine. The nearest beaches are the Arvanitia and the Karathana beach. The former is acceptable by walking, while the latter it is essential to have a short of vehicle. A nice afternoon walk would be for u to have walk up to the mountain.

4. Museums:

Also, considering the rich history of Naplio, the War Museum is highly recommended. There are, also, the Archaeological Museum as well as a small department of the National Gallery.