8 Free Activities in Salzburg

Salzburg is a beautiful yet an expensive city. Therefore, in this article I will suggest you the free attractions/ activities.

1. Old City: It is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities of Austria.  So, don’t hesitate to A walk around and explore every single corner of that town.meinautria2. Hohensalzburg Castle looms over the Old City of Salzburg from its lofty position on top of Mount Festungsberg, it is one of top things to do in Salzburg. The castle was built in 1077, so it is pretty old and impressive.

3. Hike a Mountain: You can walk up one of the mountains. You can, either, find overprized tours to walk you around or you can decide to walk up the mountains on your own and so as explore them. You can try the mountain Untersberg or the steep hill Kapuzinerberg. Just be sure that you are going there equipped.

4. Alter Markt SquareIn this square you can walk around to see lots of spectaculars, street artists, street performers and kiosks selling all the kind of delicatessen. Spent your time, your energy and your money the way you want to.

5. Play Street Chess: If you are fun of that primeval game you can always watch people playing there or can change them into a game. chessaustria

6. Fürsterzbischöfliche Apotheke: You can have a look at the interior of the pharmacy named Fürsterzbischöfliche Apotheke. It is beautiful and interesting, but please respect the rules and don’t take any pictures. Afterall, it is a pharmacy not a tourist attraction.

7.The cemeteries: Although the idea of visiting a cemetery it might seem weird or even appalling, it is not. You can walk around a green area full of beautiful trees and amazing pieces of sculpture. The city has 12 cemeteries. However, I highly suggested you to visit Nonnberg Abbey cemetery or Saint Peter’s Cemetery. The latter is attached to St. Peter Benedictine Abbey and it is located in the Old Town. This cemetery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8.Salzburg Cathedral: Salzburg Cathedral is located in Domplatz or Cathedral Square, together with the Residenz and St. Peter’s Abbey.



  1. Salzburg is a walkable city with so many architectural attractions, the Street Chess seems like fun! Thanks for sharing!

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