Wandering Around the National Garden of Athens

Are you having vacation in Athens and you need to breath fresh air?

The National Garden is the excellent idea, then!! It is very accessible, since is located outside of the Syntagma metro station. It is unbelievable that just in the heart of Athens there is this actual oasis. The Garden is ideal for family visit as it companies verdant landscape, small lakes, animals and a children’s library.

What can you see in the National Garden?

Entering from the basic entrance near to the exit of metro you will soon realize that the National Garden includes an enormous variety of endemic trees, but also a vast diversity of trees that originate from Asia and Africa. The latter give in the garden a more exotic look.

Should you continue inside the park, you will come across a wonderful picture: a beautiful lake that lies underneath the trees, while people from all over the world surround it and kids play leisurely.

You can admire some of the most wonderful creatures of the planet that are kept in the park. Thankfully, the zoo of the park is a pretty small one. Dankeys, parrots, poincianas, goat ranches and some colorful fish add up to the animals of the zoo.

If you pay more attention, you might notice some other animals that are wondering the park free. The people that grow up in the big cities are not really familiar with them but they have heart them from school or books. Some of them are the owls and the supsuckers.

Of course, there is not a park without a playground, where the children can quest their thirst for play. Therefore, the National Garden has two small playgrounds and a big one.

In the National Garden you might come across perhaps the free access to the archaeological remains. It is a well- known fact that the person and especially individuals tend learn through their senses. Therefore, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to touch the ancient ruins. This is highly recommended for blind people, as in this is a place they can touch the authentic ancient Greek marbles with bear hands. (On contrary with the museums let them touch only the copies or the authentic ones by the use gloves).


  1. Should you read anywhere about a Botanical Museum inside the National Garden, be aware that it is closed.
  2. In that point I would like to tell you in advance not to have great expectations. Comparing to marvelous gardens for other European cities, National Garden of Greece is really not that special. Nevertheless, it is a very pretty place to relax, wonder around, have a pick nick and have a green break. It is a good idea either you are alone or accompanied.

Admission: Free Admission, Opening hours: Sunrise up to Sunset