Carnival in Greece: 3 Top Places to Visit

The End of the Carnival is a huge part of the Greek tradition. There is a delightful variety of traditions during those days. The Carnival Period, in Greek orthodox religion, named Triodio,  lasts for three weeks. After the last weekend of Triodio the “Clean Week” follows, which initiates the first day of the Great Fast (48 days of fasting before Easter). The first day of the Clean Week a big day for Greek culture as it is a national holiday. Clean Monday stems from the tradition of the first Christians who had fast after long period of consuming. According to the religion is a day that you can become clean physically and mentally. That is why this week is called “clean”.


1. Galaxidi

In Galaxi, an elegant seaside Greek town, the end of the Carnival is celebrated with the most playful way. During the so-called “The Clean Monday”, which is the day the Greek carnival takes an end, the town explodes into chaotic childishness since riotous groups of residents and visitors pelt each other with bags of dyed flour, colors and other materials. During this day, the people are able to quench their thirst for a joyful play. The pictures are talking for themselves.

2. Skyros

Skyros is well-known for its carnival. Remarkable is the goat dance, by groups of masked revelers in the streets of the City of Skyros. The leaders of each group are figures  dressed in goat-pelt capes, festooned with enormous garlands of heavy sheep bells, brandishing shepherd’ s crooks, their faces concealed by kid-skin masks. When two groups meet, they compete to see who can ring their bells longest and loudest with strenuous body movements.  These rites happen on each of the four weekends before Clean Monday.


In Karpanthos there is a sarcastic tradition made to mock the institution of the Courts. According to this tradition during the “Clean Monday” local people are lead to the so-called “Public Court of the Immoral Behavior” in order to be punished for their inappropriate behavior. The court ends up to teasing, laughs and an enormous carnival celebration.

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