5 Reasons to prefer Tinos Island over Mykonos

Tinos is an amazing island that attracts religious tourists. Should you go to the port you will say:  ”God this place doesn’t look like a greek island.. There is nothing to see! It seems full of normal buildings and it is too crowded!!”. I had the very same thought when I landed to the island.

552077_4026286808050_1483674907_nI was invited to stay to the island for 10 days for business. As soon as I drove 10 minutes away from the center, I realized the truth was quite the opposite from my initial opinion. The port of Tinos might be unattractive, nevertheless, the rest of the villages and the beaches of the island are simply breathtaking.. The villages are so picturesque, the houses painted in certain colours, the beaches fabulous, the food delicious and the people very friendly.

Since Tinos is so pretty how come and is not full of tourists?

Tinos is widedly well-known to Greeks for its Church of Panagia of Tinos, therefore attracts basically religious tourists. This works both in a good and bad way. So, while Tinos is such a beautiful island it is not known for it is beauty , but the beneficial side of this is that the island are not overcrowded with tourists. (The religious tourists stay nearby the church or only for one day OR near 15th of August (the official celebration of Virgin Maria).

1. It is a place of equal beauty but less crowded. However, don’t go Τηνοςrozaround the mid of August though. There are the celebrations for Virgin Mary and it is super-overcrowded!

2. The houses in all the villages are way more authentique, traditional and picturesque.

3. Better beaches: The beaches are of equal beauty, cleaner and of free-entrance.

4. Its proximity to Athens: It is about 1 hour closer to Athens than Mykonos.  If you go by ship starting from Athens, Tinos is the second island to stop and then in the trird stop is

5. Friendly locals: Mykonos is too touristic. The majority of people that work there are no related to the island. They are in this island just to work for some months and then go back to Athens. In contrary to Tinos where the locals are there ready to give you directions with a big smile on their face.