5 top Places in Malta

Malta is a tiny yet a interesting, colorful and magnificent country. Walking around Malta you can easily can see the Arabic, the Italian as well as the British influence. I will get back to this with another article. On this article I will briefly focus on the places you shouldn’t miss to see in Malta.


  1. Valetta: The capital city of Malta. Its balconies are just amazing!!
  2. See the 3D documentary about the history and the culture of Malta. It costs around 4-5 euros but it is so informative and interesting. Apparently way more interesting than any tourist book/website or guide. I did it on my first day in Malta and it was the best choice to do this in the beginning so as to get to know the cultural and historical backround of the unique country.
  3. Barakka Gardens
  4. Mdina: The old city which is sooo much classy, picturesque and manorial.
  5. The beautiful small gardens inside of the tiny streets of Mdina