Malta: A Dream that Remained a Dream

Exactly two years ago, like today, I had programmed a flight to go to Malta without returning ever back. Just to make a new begging in my life. New job, new home, new friends, new land, new life, new dreams!!!
Despite my efforts that dream never came true! After a long way I am back in my homecity with a settle life. Not much easier or adventurous! Nevertheless, I will never forget Malta, the positivity and motivation of my friends. Some of them were Malteze friends from Greece and some others Malteze expatrs, who barely knew me. Hardy will I ever forget those people’s encouragements in every skype job interview and every other disappointment. Thank you for standing by my dream! A dream which probably will maintain a dream!

After 2 years, looking back I realize that after all coming to Malta or not was not that important! As a Greek poet has said: “The importance in a trip isn’t the destination, but the journey each self!”

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