7 Reasons You Must Go to Paxoi Island!

Paxoi is a small island right next to Corfu. Paxoi island is not easily accessible In order to get there you have to cross continental Greece up to Igoumenitsa (7 hours driving from Athens and then take a ferry for 2 hours). Even though it’s a long distance, it is really worth to visit that small gem. I have traveled around the world and I am not easily impressed and satisfied but Paxoi is totally one of the 3 islands I suggest to both Greeks and foreigners. Why is that?

1.Stunning beaches:

Undoubtedly, the beaches there are some of the best beaches around Mediterranean sea (not only Greece). The waters aΠαξοίre crystal and light blue. If you don’t feel comfortable inside sea because you can’t clearly see what is around you, then beaches of Paxoi are ideal for you.  There the waters are so clean and the sand white so you can see the bottom. And it is soooo niiiiiiice!!! Especially for those that scuba dive this place is marvelous.

2. Beautiful Nature: paksoi4Apart from the beautiful beaches Paxoi is a very verdant island. We devoted hours of walking around the forests and hiking the top of the mountains! I highly recommend it!! Also, I also suggest to take the tour with a boat and explore the beautiful caves.


Should you and your friends are fans of sailing, then Paxoi is again ideal for you. Due to its amazing beaches the majority of the tourists rent a boat for at least some days. Well this variAntipaxoi6es from wallet to wallet. For instance, when we visited the island we were in the minority that didn’t have a boat. We walked way more but in the end we did explore some of the hidden beaches.

4.Excellent Quality Tourism:

Paxoi is a place basically for average and rich tourists. It is not an island supporting cheap services. That means that the rent rooms, the hotels, the restaurants and the bars might be a bit pricy. When I was there I couldn’t find a double bedroom for less that 60-70 per night. However, I must highlight that those money are money f644730_4035257432310_360974250_nor a value. In case of Paxoi island the saying: “You get what you are paying for” is completely true. This means to say that in whichever service or good we tryied in Paxoi there was Very High Quality. The rooms were flawless& beautiful, the food was made by very good products, very tasty and gurmé, the stuff were always happy to service and help us.

5.The friendly locals:

Unfortunately, whenever there is too much tourisism the friendliness of the locals deteriorates. Paxoi has is expensive, so there not too many tourists, so local people don´t feel struggled by tourism.  8 days on the island we had the felling that we were more than welcomed in the island. Both the stuff and locals very helpful and smiling.  For instance, the owners of our rooms were happy to arrange our way in and back to port without charge and giving us homemade gifts for home.

6. The Picturesque Villages:


7. Its proximity to “Greek Bahamas”, named Antipaxoi:

The water in that area are just magical! Beaches at colours of white and blue. Diving there was certainly worthy! An amazing experience! If it is a place to scuba diving in Greece that is for sure Paxoi and Antipaxoi.

My travel goal is to travel at as many different places as possible. And then when I will be in my 50’s I will be able to choose the places I would love to re-visit. Paxoi will certainly be one of those.antipaxoi7