7 amazing things not to miss in Porto, Portugal

Without a doubt Porto is a beautiful city.. Maybe one of the most interesting of Portugal. Here are some things I suggest you not to miss once you visit it.

1.The Park Next to Crystal Palace

It is one of the most impressive public parks I have seen. Firstly, there is a vast variety of trees and its brilliant gardens. It is so easy on the eye wandering around them and look at those flowers. But, what makes this park really special is the fact that In the edge of that you can see the river and the sea just in front of you! Yeah! That’s right! The park has a balcony view to the city.. That is amazing!

   DSC05173 DSC05175

2. Colorful Houses

There are houses in the most vivid colors. The majority are very beautiful and newly preserved. Nevertheless, to tell the truth there too many abandoned and neglected houses in the old city. If all of them were preserved the old city would look like a fairy tale.DSC05228

3.Azulejo Tile Style

This is a Ceramic interior and exterior decoration of buildings. It is really impressive and colorful. You will across it at churches, palaces, ordinary houses, schools, restaurants, bars and even the subway station. In South Spain and Portugal is widespread but in Porto is really really popular.DSC05205

4. Hanging out across the Douro River

Walking aside Douro River is the No 1 activity to do in Porto. At both sides of the river there are lying marvellous houses in the most vivid colours. You can take some refreshments and relax with this nice view.

Porto View

5. The Student Week

The students are celebrating walking around with costumes and singing. Moreover, if you are in favor of crazy parties, then you gonna love it too! That is why during the nights there are crazy parties happening. I stayed in the city the whole student week. One night of partying was nice but my priority was to explore the city and the villages around. However, for those that they do love partying up to morning is ideal. Every night when I was felling asleep exhausted from hours of walking, hiking, swimming at 00.00. Thaaat time my hosts were preparing to leave house. Also, when I was walking up the morning around 8.00, they were returning back home.  Hahaha! That’s a  funny story!

6. Portuguese food

Porto is home to a number of dishes from traditional Portuguese cuisine. A typical dish from this city is Trips in the Porto version).  Gomes de Sa Bacalhau is another typical codfish dish born in Porto.  Also, don’t forget to try the popular in Portugal. Francesinha. If you are fan of fish in Portugal and especially in Porto you will be very pleased! Nevertheless, my personal favourite is Bifana!!! Seriously you have to try it! It is the food that you can give away your house in order to try it one more time!!! It is for sure the best junk food i have ever tryied while travelling in another country. 

7. Porto Wine

Well to be honest Porto Wine is one of my favorites. But, even if you aren’t not a fan of wine, still you have to visit the wine houses of Oporto and Gaia. Port wine, renowned wine, is widely accepted as dessert wine Oporto city. If porto wine is too sweet for you, you will find for sure the right wine for your taste. I, also, highly suggest the green wine. Even more special is the fact that the wine houses are across the Douro River, so you can drink, eat and enjoy the magnificent scenery.