My 3 Top Places to Visit in Tbilisi

1. The Catherdral

One of my personal favorite was the Catherdral church. Enormous elaborated by a golden roof and amazing architecture. The interior was not that impressive as the exterior, but in any case it is worthy going there.

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2. Bridge of Peace

The bridge of Peace is a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge which units the old city with the new. Of course, the enlighten bridge during the night hours is even more impressive considering that the 1,208 LED fixtures that a light on it. After crossing the bridge you can spend some idly time chilling at the beautiful new age park that lies across the river.  During the Saturday nights there is a light and music show happening in the Dancing fountains, which locate at this park. For more information, ask the tourist office.

photo taken by world

3. Narikala hill

Once you get on the top of the hill you will see two main attractions: the fortress Narikala and the statue of Kartvlis Deda. As far as I am concerned, they are not that interesting, but the view is stunning. If you walk all the way up from the center, you really feel that the view is rewording you. Some drinks to enjoy the whole view are highly recommended.

Photo by Frans Sellies