3 Top Things to Enjoy in Azerbaijan!!

3. Few Strange Geographic Phenomena

There are some phenomena that are very different and strange and they are located at Azerbaijan. Those are the Red Lakes, the Mud Volcanos and the Yanar Dag (The burning Mountain). Once you are in already in Azerbaijan it really worth to visit them. However, they are too small and not that intense as the photos that you will find on internet, so be prepared!


2. Cosmopolitan Baku

I really fell for Baku!!! Unfortunately, it is a city of poverty and richness. Nevertheless, when you are in the prosperous part, it is so amazingly beautiful and magical. Baku’s current architecture is a contemporary mix of Arabic, Muslim, Iranian and Turkish architecture. The current government tries to promote this city as the new Dubai. To my opinion within the next years will be the modern and liberal Abu Dabi.


1. Azeri People!!!!

If there is a reason to visit that country, that would be the first one! Azerbaijan has been promoted as tourist destination only recently. Azeri people (especially those outside of the capital) are not at all used to tourists. Therefore, the Azeris have still kept their authenticity and their enthusiasm of socializing with tourists. Azerbaijan is not the place the locals “see you as money”, but a place their beg you to come stay in their house for as long as possible.

Although Azerbaijan wasn’t that unique in terms of natural beauty, it was really special visiting this country for its people. There were absolutely amazing: friendly, generous and hospitable.

Azeri people are tremendously friendly to blonde tourists. In some areas I have been it was the first time for them meeting a European and especially blond young lady. Both woman and men were complimenting me and invited me for launch. Boys were running after me just to look at me and say “hello”. Girls were impressed by my blond hair and were asking me to take a photo with them.

I am just gonna narrate briefly some incidents in order to go give a more clear picture.

In the first family we were hosting, the parents borrowed a car from their relatives, so as to take us an excursion in the lakes of the area around.

A couple times we ended up sharing a launch in houses of locals that we had encountered on the street earlier.

I particularly remembered a wedding that me and my friend got in just to ask information. They welcomed us with the warmer way to the wedding celebration. They put us to the table and brought for us food. We were eating until we realized that there were bunch of young boys gathered around us and staring at us. They had never see blond people in real life.