Athens: 16 Essential Tips

  1. Free Wifi Spots!

There is free wifi in Syntagma Square and inside some metro stations of Syntagma and Monastiraki.

  1. Working Hours of the Metro

The blue and red line of the metro works from 5.30- 12.20, while the green line works 5.00-12.00 (approximately. Depends on the area you need to catch it).

  1. Metro until late:

The metro is open up to 2:30 a.m. during Friday & Saturday nights!!!! It is about the blue and the red line. The last metro departures from Syntagma metro station at 2:20, so keep that in mind! Normally,

  1. But:

The green line of the metro is working up to 00.30! No longer!

  1. Night Buses:

There night buses that connect Port- Center (040), Center to the Suburbs (790, X14, 11, 500). There also 24 hour buses to and from the Airport! They are in the same price but with less frequency.

  1. Strikes

There are times that there are strikes and not everyone is well informed about that. The best way to deal with that is to visit the website Then, ask a Greek to translate it for you.

  1. Siesta Time for People.

There is a time siesta. Within 14:00-17:00 & 23:00- 05:00 it is a time you are not supposed to be loud and bother the public.

  1. Siesta Time for the Shops.

Unless the area isn’t very touristic the stores are closed Sunday all day, Monday& Wednesday after 15:00, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 14:30-17:00, Saturdays after 16:30. Sunday all day. (Check for any changes! Because by the time you will read this article this might have changed bbbbbrrrr! !!!)

  1. It is disrespectful to throw toilet paper inside the toilet.

At the old buildings you don’t throw paper in the toilet. It is considered very rude! We get offended and it is not good for the old buildings. We throw the paper in the bin.

  1. Tab Water.

Water in Continental Greece especially in areas surrounded by mountains is potable, so don’t hesitate to drink tab water in Athens or any other continental city.

  1. Watch out!

Like every big mitropolis, you have to watch your stuff inside the means of public transportation. Especially, if u carry lots of gadgets!

  1. Free Water.

In the restaurants or coffee places they will offer you glass of water. They might offer you an open bottle of water. It is a tradition for welcoming the customer. It is drinkable and is for free! Go ahead! Drink it!!

  1. Not Free Water.

However, if in a restaurant they will bring a bottle of water and open it in front of you. You will be charged. You should say in advance that you would like some glasses of tab water. (Nevertheless, the price in Greece for water is very cheap comparing with many other countries!!)

  1. Free Snacks.

The chips / peanuts that accompany your drinks in a bar it is an offer of the bar. Eat it! You will not be additionally charged! Sometimes might be something better than chips or peanuts!! In Greece if the bring you something you haven’t ordered you don’t pay it!! It is on the house!!! ! That’s right, babe! Welcome to Greece!!

  1. Maximum Price for Water.

The maximum you will pay for bottle water of 500 ml should be 0,50 euro!!! That’s right, babe!! You might be in the most touristic area, the airport, the ship or anywhere!!! They have no right for charging it more! That’s great, but why? More than a decade ago there was enacted a law in Greece setting the maximum price for 500ml at 50 cents. Based on the fact that it is unethical overcharge someone for their need to quench their thirst. If someone can afford 3 euros for water, what should do? It is a great law that makes me proud of my country. J

  1. Don’t Miss!!

If you are in Athens May to September, you shouldn’t miss a place in Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Especially, recommended to lovers of Greek History or funs of opera, music, theater etc. Even if you are not a fun!! What makes it so special? The performance, the thousands of people, the ancient theater, the thought that you are sitting in a such a historical place watching a show under the moon and the stars with the view of the enlighten Athens makes the atmosphere during the play in that Odeon absolutely magical!! It is a life time experience!!Herodio Odeon of Attica during an opera performance!

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